What do about the worst love triangle ever?

I've set my best friend up with this girl he said he likes, and I've tried hard to get them together. She's got slight feelings for him now, and they're planning a relationship in the future. However, when I was talking to her, I've pretty much fallen for her. I'd also like to say she's come out of s relationship not long ago that's played with her head badly. What do I do? Do I tell her I like her, and stab my friend in the back, or do I keep quiet even though I know it'll kill me inside?


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  • Leave it alone. Maybe you didn't expect to fall for her, but you have to accept what you've already put in motion. Besides, is a crush really worth messing up a friendship? I don't think so.


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  • You stop talking to both of them. Oh, and have a better grip on your emotions dude. This is all your doing

    • How is not talking to my best friend gonna help? Think before you type

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