I can't read my exes body language anytime I see him, and I want to. Anybody an expert out there willing to help? Simple question?

Basically he works in my local store. We had an awful break up months back in April and he was so angry and resentful towards me for 'all the reasons that led to us breaking up'.

Either way, I've missed him more and more as he decided to cut communication with me. I apologised for the things I said to hurt him, but he never apologised to me :(.

Anyway, I tried to avoid the store for as long as I could. But it's the only one that's local. I've tried not to make eye contact with him when I've been in and I've noticed he hasn't tried to make much eye contact with me either.

Apart from rom odd times we've passed each other really quickly and he just looks right at me. And I look at him.

The weird thing is that when he's looking at me, he looks somewhere between content and amused. Eyes wide, eyebrows raised, but no smile. Although his eyes look open to me.

I I know for a fact I'm not smiling at all when I look at him. Just a blank stare.

I mi just can't figure it out, I know how he looks when he's not happy... but that's not what his eyes are telling me when he sees me.



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  • It means he's glad that you are uncomfortable with him, that he probably still feels like you wronged him and he feels like he has the upper hand in your now dysfunctional association.

    • I do believe there's an element of truth here. He probably does. But surely he can't pick up that I feel uncomfortable? I don't show it. It just sucks :(

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    • Well, you should never dredge up a relationship anyway. If you get back with an ex then, it has to be a brand new and very different relationship that is shared. I'd settle for a clear cut reason, but we broke up because I made that choice out anger, thinking it would be ok for me to take advantage of the relationship, and to my shock, it wasn't. Surely the more connected you are to a person, the harder it is to move on? Especially if you've discussed all of these important things and planned to follow through with them? I just can't see what it is he's did for himself being honest with you... he's took up his smoking habit again and went and got a tattoo, that screams to me that he's struggling on some level. I'm trying not to be petty, I am. It's just not easy to be polite with him at the minute, and I'm not sure when I'll be able to. The minute I am polite to him and nice, he will reciprocate, and I'll want him back for sure. And that scares me.

    • You sound like you are starting to get a little clarity now. You are right, you shouldn't dredge up the past and if you go back with an ex, you do have to start over... all perfect points and exactly how you should be thinking. That being said, you harbor regret over making a mistake in your relationship, but you discovered something important whether you know it or not. You went and put yourself out, pointed out how you were wrong and apologized. He was angry and hurt and it might be expected that he would initially respond in a way that was not thought out, however over time instead of trying to talk with you or let you off the hook or even acknowledge his role, he tried to hold it over your head for an extended period of time and still does. If that does not give you reason enough or incentive enough to move on, then I don't know what would. While you had a great relationship when things were going good, things didn't work out so well when you hit a tough spot.

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  • Body language is difficult to analyze.
    When you see him is he tensed?
    Does he have a mean look on his face or civil?
    You can always tell when someone doesn't want to talk to you even if you don't know why.
    You asking this question means your not over him - you still in a way like him. You also know this man more then I do , meaning if you say that his facial expression is not unhappy then you know.
    All in all your reading his body language ! Now the question is why are you trying to ? what do you want to do with the fact that you know he isn't mad at you anymore?

    • No, he doesn't look tense. He just looks like he normally would. But his face looked a lot sadder/resentful when we first split. I just can't figure it out, because we're extremely standoffish around each other, but it just doesn't match up.

      I don't know if he's not mad at me though, because I thought maybe we could talk each of the times he's been like this around me, and when I tried via text, he said he couldn't talk/was too busy and then ignored me :(

      So why, why, give me what seems like an almost inviting look and then do that? I just can't figure him out.

    • Resent doesn't just go away it fades but does not vanish completely. I think that he holds resent toward you still - not as much when you first broke up because the wound is not fresh. When i look at my ex who i blame for the downfall of our relationship i don't look resentful but when he try's to talk to me i don't talk back... because i still blame him but the anger has fade. i think you should let him go and don't look into how he feels. but that's my opinion.

    • Surely it goes away eventually? I still feel like he holds a lot of resent for me. But why be resentful towards people when you can make up? I just don't get it. If we made up, things would be so much nicer. Yeah it would be hard to stay friends, but it's draining anytime I see him and it hurts. Friendship and closure would probably help me move on more.

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