Does this mean he likes me a lot?

So I've been dating a guy, not for long at all. But we instantly clicked and it's as if we've been friends for years! Anyways last night I stayed around his (No sex) and we chilled and cuddled as we hadn't seen each other over the weekend, so even though we both had work the next day we decided to have a sleep over! During text he said that he always has time for me as seeing me wasn't a chore. When at his, a guy friend of mine messaged around about midnight and the guy I'm dating asked who he was and how I knew him which I found weird, I had nothing to hide so I just said he was a friend and even replied to the text in front of him. Anyways besides that all night he cuddled me, even when I got to hot at one point and tried to move away he dragged me back. Is this clear signs he likes me a lot? He told me when we first started dating that he liked me.


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  • yes he does!


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