Is it appropriate to text him?

I know this is cliche but I do need help.

We went on our first date Friday and it went well. Not the best but I can see potential. We were supposed to go out Sunday and Monday and I canceled everything for him. We made the weekend plan before the first date. He hasn't texted me since Saturday morning. Should I text him?
I don't wanna seem clingy. Maybe I've scared him and I fucked up in some way. Maybe he's done. I was being myself. I had no filters on. Maybe that scared him. Maybe I said something wrong.
or maybe he's thinking the same thing. That I'm done. And that he messed up and now he shouldn't be a creep and bug me.
I feel awful. I made no plans because we we're supposed to go out. We used to text all day. If someone can change so quick, I'm going to have trust issues.
I really want to talk to him and I'll be better off if he tells me he's done and I fucked up rather than just ignoring me. What should I do?
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I just asked him how he was and he said "I am doing good" and that's it. He didn't say "how are you?" He didn't try to initiate conversation. Should I just say "good!" And end the convo. Or should I ask him what's wrong and why he's shut off now? This could potentially embarrass me. And I feel shitty enough already. I dont know what I've done. Help!


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  • Yeah, you need to text him. It's pretty obvious. If not anything else, you'll at least know if he wants to proceed or not.

    • Should I say "hi how are you?" Or "hey what happened? Did I upset you or something? I thought we had plans"

    • Just text him something like "how are you doing? I suppose you overlooked our plans. Care to make new ones?"

Most Helpful Girl

  • Text him, and you'll know immediately how he feels. You'll feel better when you know. It's better if it is a horrible end than never-ending horror.

    • What should I say?

    • Ask if he's up to going out again :)

    • Don't ask if you bother him or if you have ruined everything and don't accuse him of not texting you because he doesn't necessarily HAVE to text you. He'll feel that you're pressing on him, just ask about you having plans, and maybe give a little clue about why he hadn't texted you, @aficionado's option is good.

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  • Text him ONCE. Tell him the ball is in his court, that you'd like to see him again but you're not the type to pursue men.


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  • if he hasn't texted since Saturday morning... and im guessing its Monday currently for you, I would, its been awhile and he could possibly be wondering if you wanted to go out with him again and he's waiting for you to text first, who knows, um not sure exactly what you should say, just be yourself, just say "Hey :)" that starts a convo and you can see if he responds ~goodluck :)

  • Text him saying wazzup? :)

  • Text him :hi how r u? 😃

  • you should text him!

  • I guess you should text him.


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