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I've liked this girl for some time and I want to ask her out soon. I kinda think she likes me but I'm not sure. We've had classes at college together for the last 3 years. She is three years older than I am (but that doesn't bother me I'm just giving background). She always talks to me when she sees me, even if she seems like she's in a bad move. She maintains eye contact most of the time whenever we talk. She laughs at a few of my jokes, even when others do not. She teases me on a frequent basis. She always asks what classes I'm taking next semester. For a time she would occasionally punch my arm when she teased me or to get my attention. I've noticed her sometimes (but not often) looking at me even when we're not talking. She will sometimes call me sweetie which I haven't heard her call anyone else by that. Do you think she likes me or no? Maybe she used to like me but doesn't now? Any insight is appreciated. If you need more information to help, ask. Thanks in advance for your time.
P. S. We are also comfortable around each other and tell each other a lot about our personal lives


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  • This actually sounds like signs that she idsinto you! :) Buttt.. to just get a bit of extra information, try to see if she acts like this with anyone else. Ask her if she wants to do something sometime.. but just you two. Good luck! ;)

    • Thanks for the insight. I'm not sure if she acts like that toward anyone else. Not really from what i've seen

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  • i think she is!


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