How to go back and talk to her without being creepy?

So on Saturday I went to the Blu ray store and I brought some movies. We talked a bit about the movies I bought and she was so nice. I know she was being nice because she was working there but I really like her.
I want to go back in 2 weeks around the same time and buy more movies but I feel it would be creepy and I have no life if all I do is buy movies every Saturday morning.

What should I do?

I am 18 by the way and she seems the same age.


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  • its not creepy at all just go for it!


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  • go and genuinely buy a movie or whatever, make small convo., say 'wow, you are the kind of person i can totally hang with' and this time ASK her out or if you are too scared ask for her number


    if you are feeling brave and stupid, tell your tired of buying movies and ask her for some netflix and chill

    might do the trick


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  • Going back and talking to her in two weeks ain't creepy nor is it desperate, it just buying some videos and talking to a girl that was nice and cute. Do it...


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