Girls, like a classmate (college), should I ask her friend for advice on asking her out?

So I like this girl and we have two classes together. We talked a good amount and we sort of hit it off during the second class. I noticed she kept looking over at me during the class as well (we were sitting right next to one another). So I added her on Facebook afterwords and we began chatting. The next day she asked for my number.

So to my dilemma. I want to ask her out, since we seemed to have clicked fairly well. But I'm still a little anxious since we share a couple of classes and the fact I really don't want to screw this up. So I've been debating on messaging a mutual friend of ours for her advice on if it'd be smart to go through with it.

Should I try that route, or is it a little weird and/or flat out bad? Or should I just wing it and ask her out?


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  • go for it!


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