Why do some guys not take the first step when they know you like them and they also see that you want them to take the first few steps?

I have this guy that I really like and he's Asian so I get the idea why he's shy but I have gave him obvious hints that I liked him a lot and he didn't take that first step so why?


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  • It doesn't always matter if you give obvious hints to a shy person. Especially if they've never actually dated/had a girlfriend before.

    There's nothing stopping you from taking the first steps yourself. It's 2015 and everyone wants gender equality, so stop sitting on your hands and waiting for him. Go do it yourself. It won't make you look desperate. It's merely you going after something you want.


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  • Wait a minute. So he's shy because he's asian? Really? Shyness does not stem from your race. It has nothing to do with your race.

    Just because a guy may be certain you like them, there is still that fear of rejection looming over their heads. I've liked guys before a lot, but turned them down when they asked me out. "Obvious hints" mean nothing. They are just hints. Guys are oblivious to them. If he doesn't ask you out, it's because he's shy, nervous and probably intimidated by you.


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  • Why can't you? And why does his race matter?

  • he's probably shy.


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