Boyfriend never notices me?

I love my boyfriend and our relationship is great but there's one problem. He never notices anything new about me. I dyed my hair silver with purple highlights last week and he STILL hasn't said anything. We have great communication, and he knows how much I need attention. How can I make him notice me without sounding self-centered or causing an argument?


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  • Umm... he doesn't love you that much. If he knows it is important to you for him to notice you, and he doesn't, that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. Believe me. EVERYTHING.


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  • "... he knows how much I need attention."

    Every one loves attention. It makes you feel great.
    However, if you lack self esteem and it only becomes boosted when you hear compliments from others then you are doing yourself an injustice.
    Each and every time that person fails to compliment you, you will feel unattractive, unwanted, and ugly.
    because you are basing your self appearance and worth off of what others say about you.

    Love yourself.
    Love who you are.

    Bring this discussion up with your boyfriend in a mature manner. (Let him know it'd be nice if he took notice when you did change or make an effort to look nice).
    However, if he continues to fail to do so , do not base your self perception of yourself based off of words he chose to say or not to say to you.

    If you need words to be impacted greatly... then you will rely on their words to feel any sorts of good about you.
    I suggest besides having that discussion with your boyfriend, you try to work on your self esteem issues.

    People like attention.
    But they don't need it.

    You need food, water, and shelter for survival.
    Those are necessities.

    • Couldnt have said it better.

      Yet. Her boyfriend might not be very romantic. And a girl does enjoy a few little attentive gestures now and then.

    • Thanks :)
      Yes, all girls do. But she shouldn't rely on it.
      She has to have her own self esteem. If your self esteem is solely based on the positives someone else says about you, then there is a deeper underlying problem.

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  • I'm sure he does its just he doesn't say anything!


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  • tell him what you want from him. communication is everything.


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