GIRLS & GUYS!! I need advice about my relationship?

So some background info about my boyfriend and I:
We have been together for about 5 weeks, and within the last 2 weeks he has expressed concerns to me that I have absolutley no idea how to handle/fix/approach. So basically we go to a private prep school and there's about 140 students, we are both Juniors in HS, and this was my first year at this school, so i got a lot of attention from the guys at this school. We both have had shity relationships in the past (We have both been cheated on and I had relationships solely based on sex) and have had some and still need some adjusting with things like trust and what ever. So far we are pretty physical so there is not a lack of intimatcy.
The Problem:
Basically two weeks ago while at lunch we were talking and his best friends were sitting with us and there was a group conversation going on. And towards the end of lunch I noticed a change in his behavior and asked him whats wrong and later that day he finally told me that he gets this weird feeling when I talk to other guys that are attracted to me. I told him that he shouldn't worry because I am his girl. etc. I thought we sorta fixed the problem. Last week he had another change in behavior and he told me he had the same feelings again and it was jealousy. He went on to tell me that he wants to be that ONE person that I go to for anything and everything.
I am just unsure how to approach this situation and help it go away. I was thinking time will help but I don't know anymore and just want some more opinions...


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  • There's only so much you can reassure him. Ask him how you can help him get past his jealousy, and since you've both been cheated on let him know you understand where it's coming from.

    • See and thats where I feel like im in a weird position because I have reassured him plenty of times and told him that I would never allow anything to happen to us, etc. But every time I do he says that anytime I converse with a guy at our school they think they are one step closer to banging me. And i have no clue how to even respond to that. lol im stressin...

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