My boyfriend is acting cold. Why the change of heart and can I salvage this relationship?

Im going to try to make this as short and simple as possible bc i really need answers, so here's a little background info. Im 21 he's 22, weve been dating on and off since i was 16. We've dated other people in between breakups so we not all we know as far as dating experience goes. After two years of not breaking up, I found out he was fucking other bitches and i broke it off no hesitation. This was in December of last year and we ended on a really bad note, i went full blown crazy bitch mode almost killed him and shot his car up. He left me alone for about a month and was begging me to talk to him, this went on for about 4 months until i said fuck it we can be friends. We get back to talking but its strictly friends and we discussed something along the lines of leaving our state bc we both want to leave and not come back, i said i was leaving regardless if he was coming with me or not. He ends up coming with me bc he said he can't let me go like that, with poor planning we up and left to go to florida. Of course i end up saying i want to fix things with him the day before we leave and the dude almost cries in my lap. We go home and he went telling all his friends we got married and shit as a joke and everyone belived it... Fast forward to now. My old habits came back up, partying all night and acting wild not telling him everything etc. He gets distant and i dont realize what i did or why he's acting the way he is. I really think i fucked it up this time. We broke up a week ago and got back together yesterday after i basically poured my heart out to him saying sorry etc. he's still cold and not being responsive to me... it just hurts and i want to try anything to fix what i did if thats really whats going on. Im just not sure if its fixable or if he even still loves me. He said i need to act more how a girlfriend is supposed to act. We got into an altercation yesterday when i visited him. This is nothing new.. What do i need to do? I love him :/
I have talked to him... he said he wants me to act more girlfriend like and to start listening to him. In his words "you needa act like a bitch and not a guy in the relationship and you needa tone down all this late night drinking with your friends"


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  • you should talk to him about that.


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