Is he sending mixed signals? Does he just want sex?

We started talking a little over a week ago online. He goes to a college literally right next to mine. I go to all girls and he goes to the coed school. At first he seemed interested. He was telling me he wanted to cuddle and all this. Then one day I texted him asking if he wanted to meet up at the other coed school across the street. He never answered. So I just took that as he wasn't interested and moved on with my life. But then he texts me drunk saying he wants to cuddle. Then we didn't text the next day but he texted me on Saturday morning and we talked for a bit before he asked me to come join him at his place to, you guessed it, cuddle. We also talked last night about how to order pizza because I'm new at this college thing and doing things for myself. I sent my last text and asked him if he enjoyed talking to me or if he'd rather just me leave him alone and he never responded. Should I just give up? I also told him I was unsure of him on Saturday because I was still getting these mixed signals at that point. Should I text him and try asking him again? Was he only trying to get sex out of me? I still haven't met him and the first time he asked me to cuddle I said I'd consider it but after that I nicely said no.


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  • he's playing you!


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