Guys, what should I think about boyfriends Facebook search history?

So I saw it while it was open (although he gives me permission anyway) and while it was mostly not all that bad--he searches a bunch of our mutual friends both girls and guys--I did notice that some people cropped up more than others, usually girls, but all girls he knows. A couple were older ladies he knows through a work organization, some good friends of both of ours from HS, even a couple exes here and there, but not very often. The one that made alarm bells go off in my mind was a girl who had a crush on him before, but he never went out w her or hooked up or anything bc he didn't like her in that way. Plus she has a boyfriend now and lives far away. If he would've wanted her he totally could've had her cause she really liked him! I just don't get why he would search for her somewhat frequently ever since then, but then again, I don't get why he'd also somewhat frequently search for some of those other randoms (i. e. old ladies, etc) in the mix either. Am I acting paranoid and psychotic or do I have a valid concern? PS- he's never really given me reason to doubt and is "squeaky clean" in his messages and interactions w people on FB. He's also moving out of state for a job which isn't helping my state of mind any! PPS- I'm usually NEVER like this and am feeling embarassed for even asking!


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  • I don't think you should be worried at all. You could always ask him, that's the only way to get any real answers, but of coarse this is always a touchy subject, especially since you learned this information through such channels.
    Really though I think there is nothing you should feel bad about. He seems like a pretty normal boyfriend.


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