Staying with an ex for 4 days?

Here is a little background...
I met my ex in a class in college 3 years ago (2012). We were good friends for a while and we tried dating. We lasted a month before he blind-sided me on Skype, breaking up with me and wanting to start over. It took me a while, but I got over it and we became good friends again. We have hit some rocky spots where I stopped talking to him for a bit, but we have always been able to reconnect and be as good as new. In December of 2014 he told me he still liked me after I told him the guy I was crushing on had just gotten into a relationship. I said at first that I wasn't too sure about it and then told him a couple weeks later that yes I was into trying us again. We went on a date or two and that was that. Before I graduated we talked and said that right now would not be the best time to date since he is still at school and I was going home. Neither of us are keen on long distance.
I graduated from college this June and moved back home. He still lives in our college town and is still going to school. He lives about 6 1/2 hours from me. We have been talking since I have came home about me going to visit. After a couple Skype calls, we planned on me going to stay with him in November so we can spend some time together and go to a football game at our school.
I think about him every day and I don't know if I should express how I am feeling to him. We left on the same page, but my feelings have always been there since we broke up. I can see us going really far but I feel like it's beating a dead horse since we don't live near eachother anymore. My question is: should I tell him how I feel? Or should I see where this trip takes us and revisit talking to him depending on how well the trip goes? He could make a move but I honestly have no idea. We are touchy flirty but that's as far as it has even gone. Not even a kiss in the 3 years we have known eachother.
Thanks for your advice in advance!


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  • i think you need to explore it or you will regret it otherwise xx


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