Can anyone please shed some light on this please?

Hey everyone! Thank you so much in advance for your help. Anyway, I met a family friend's nephew in December whom lives in California and we began talking on Facebook everyday till like June (he stopped replying for some reason). So I'm like ok whatever. Jerk. Finally we saw each other at a family bbq and I texted him after saying it was great seeing you and he replied with "you too!" I asked him if he enjoyed himself at the bbq because it was for him and didn't hear from him at all so I'm like whatever. Same shit now and I need to move on. However, he ended up responding and said "Sorry, didn't get a chance to respond earlier. Yeah it was fun". What should I make of this? Should I respond?

Sn: he's apparently a major introvert because he doesn't communicate all that well at any bbqs and his family even said so. They were actually shocked that he communicated with me and really want this to work out. K bye :) thanks again!


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  • He might've been a little nervous to text you back but it seems like he's comfortable around you

    • I was thinking that. I mean if anything he didn't have to respond right?

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