Am I overreacting?

My boyfriends ex girlfriend commented "love ya" on a picture of his, so of course I felt very angry at the fact she was telling my boyfriend she loved him.. I told her to leave and she said that she didn't mean it as anything and says she isn't even his friend anymore. He also re followed her account today. He said I wasn't overreacting and he understands why I was upset and said he hasn't talked to her ever since they broke up and he says he loves me but why do I feel like hell break up with me just to go to her again? I feel so gross compared to her and I'm so scared he'll go back to her and its making me really upset because I truly with all my heart love him. How do I make sure he still wants to be with me?


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  • Do u really know him? I mean all of his behaviour.. Is he that kind of guy? Answer ur self. Dont compare with that woman. She is stranger. Important is u n him.. u hav that feelings coz ur loving him so much.. Check him ( dont overdo it) check how he acts. Maybe that woman trying to interfering between u two.. dont worry too much. Just b urself

    • We've been best friends our whole lives. She said she would never interfere with my relationship with him and she knew she had her chance yet I'm more worried about him deciding to like her again. For all I know they coul be facetiming rn.. I'm scared

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  • You can't. You have to trust that he loves you too or your relationship will fall apart if you push him / manipulate anything.


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