How to be a player/heartbreaker?

Honestly I'm a very down to earth laid back chill nice girl so it annoys me when guys decide to cheat and lie while dating me. Recently I just found out a guy I was dating had a girlfriend!!! Ugh. Guys are just jerks! They go through life breaking girls hearts and using them for sex. Guys have no emotions, they don't even feel guilty, its like they're not even human. Well I'm sick of that. I don't deserve that! I know my worth and I know it has to be something out there for me other than this. Fuck this, I don't wanna always be the one crying in bed at night because I gave a little too much or cared more than the other person. I wanna be a Heartbreaker and I wanna play the game. The only thing I know I have to dovis remove my heart and emotions from the equation. But what else?


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  • Pretty much just do what they do. But as a girl it will be different don't have sex with them Bc you'll probably catch feelings.

    Pretty much be flirty but distant. Friend zone niggas but keep them around so they'll have hope. If they flirt with you slightly go along with it but not too much to where he thinks you'll really be down.

    Be super busy always have plans and never be too available.

    Be a little selfish. You are #1 priority so guys should cater to you and boost your ego. Let them do favors for you. They will guys tend to try to impress pretty confident girls. If a guy does something you don't like then tell him and then don't deal with him unless he learns the error of his ways.

    Treat most guys like this unless he's a good guy. Most guys you are gonna have to play the game with because they won't deserve your vulnerable side


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  • i've had that thought before, and I've been so close to acting on it, but trust me when i say that this isn't the way to feel better.

    this will only hurt u more, because u will hate yourself. u will hate that ur doing something u dont wanna do just to feel appreciated. you would get used, disrespected. sure youd get the attention, but is that the kinda u want?

    think about it.

  • Calm down Evan. Not all guys are like that. I know plenty who aren't along with some who are. No need to generalize a whole gender.


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