I bothered my boyfriend and I don't know what to do about it?

Actually he was out of country for three months and we were very excited about it but when we met he gave me a cold welcome or at least that's how I felt then we got home and had sex and we stayed for about 7 hours together and then I went back home feeling bad about it cz I didn't feel like he was very happy to see me when I met him so I said stuff that I actually regret now like I regret coming and I feel bad you weren't excited or happy to see me I'm disappointed and stuff like that and he was like I'm sorryi made you feel like that but it's not true you're totally wrong I got back so early just to see you and he tried to know what he's done so he won't do it again I was like I don't wanna talk about it he tried to change the subject and asked when we'll meet again and I was like I don't want to deep down, he was like I just wanted to see you before I travel and I changed the subject, anyway I said I'm sorry and he was like don't apologize couples fight all the time everything will be okai, I tried to talk and stuff but he's trying to act normal but I know he's upset :( I don't know what to do, and one more thing he's traveling so he'll get a job in another country and I'm really disappointed about it he's like I have to work don't worry everything will be fine and I'm really scared I don't want to lose him


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  • He was probably just tired since he's been traveling for so long and that's why it seemed like he was upset. Just tell him

    • Tell him you thought he was upset and he'll explain what's going on.

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