I like 3 guys and it's really emotionally confusing?

Basically, I like 3 guys.
1 is 1 year older, 1 is 2 years older, 1 is 3 years older. Obviously there are good things and bad things about all 3 of them and the situation between them and I.
Anyone else would ask "who do I choose," but I'm not asking that because I can't just go all pokemon like "PIKACHU I CHOOSE YOU!" It's not necessarily my choice, I'm a hormonal teenage girl for christ's sake!
I'm just super confused because it's like 1 day it's "omg this guy is so cute and perfect and nice and funny and this and that and blahblah" then the next it's the same for the next, then the next. It's a constant loop. (A loop on shuffle, there's no specific order)
what do I do?


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  • wait it out. give yourself permission to have feelings even if they don't make sense, but don't make advances on anyone if you're confused. I am in fact also a hormonal teenage girl, so best of luck :)


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  • Make a pros and cons list.

    Consider factors other than "I like him". Like:

    How mature is he?

    How intelligent us he?

    How well does he respect women?

    If I date him, how much trouble will it cause me?

    Ask yourself other questions and then just go with whoever you realize will be the best for you.

  • Maybe grow up a little first, you're 18.

    • I'm 15 and your response is irrelevant because it didn't help.

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  • Figure out who are you most compatible with when it comes to important factors like lifestyle choices, personalities, career goals, finances and the number of children you want to have.

    Now number each one of these things in order of importance. This list will serve as a roadmap and it will help lead you to the guy that is the best fit for you.

    Good luck.


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