How do I get him to chase me without pushing him away?

I have managed to get the guy i like and i know he likes me back, although he's definitely still aware of other girls...
BUT he enjoys a chase and I am too easy for him to get.
He's even said that he wants to chase me.
He's been a bit distant lately and i think that getting him to chase will help perk things between us up a bit.
He sleeps over every night & we hang out heaps (in a group) during the day.
I just don't know how to get him to chase & become chase-able, especially without losing him completely?


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  • Red flag. Im telling you dont do it. Chasing is game neither should play. He will bound to cross the line or over think it, hell act and get wrong ideas. Im NOT you but you might not get fully what he's trying to do either, itll get exciting the 1st 3 months then then you return back GAG. COM asking is he really into me? Then well tell you, he just want you to chase him. Then he might end up ignoring you. Now pop back on here asking. Is he uninterested? No its just games meant for... im sorry immature people. Why chase when netflux and chill... sorry had throw tha out there.

    • MHO right here! nothing to add really. the guy will drop her like a hot potatoe once he gets tired of her, or finds someone more interesting. Total lack of respect and immature.

    • Thank you lady @bomba78

  • Don't do it. It's not worth your time or your effort. I am going to be totally honest here. The fact that he's willing to play the chasing game with you means that he's not really taking how you feel seriously. He sees his relationship with you as a game not as a serious relationship. It might be fun like Junlian says but is it going to be worth it. I know it may seem harsh and I understand that you have feelings for him. But you deserve better than a man who sees you as a game.


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