Why is he doing this?

He won't call but he'll text and hill tell me he wants me to be his girlfriend. But then he doesn't text after that he says that. He's 32 and has 3 kids and a ex wife I'm 20 and I don't know why he likes me. I like him but I dint get why he's doing thin if he likes me.


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  • i think he's gaming you and is just telling you that because its easier to get in your panties if you think he really likes you.

    if a man is into you, he WILL make time for you. he doesn't call but texts sporadically saying he wants you to be his girl. but doesn't text any other time.

    he's 32 with 3 kids going after a 20 year old...you guys are obviously on different levels and probably in much different places in life. how compatible would you really be?

    his actions are inconsistent and his profile doesn't match up with yours. PROCEED WITH CAUTION

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