Guys, How do you get a guy to start taking you more seriously and not as a sexual object?

If ur ex broke up with you then comes back only for sex when you want more what is the best way to get them to respect you again and start looking at you as a romantic figure.
Cause I had a feeling he was going to say no cause in reality I want him to be like no I want you.
So ur saying to let him go and ur saying it won't push him away?


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  • Meh, in my opinion, I think it's already too late if he has his mind set on just sex.
    He sounds young & dumb to me. He'll just keep breaking it off.

    Unless he gets really consistently crappy sex with other females.
    There's no turning back for him.

    • He still has all our pictures so I guess I felt hopeful for a minute.

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    • So in what way do I let him go do I tell him or just block him? Every time I tell him I don't want to hook up he comes back trying again , but u know eventually he will stop trying.

    • Break up with him. Girl, I am not, I repeat, I am NOT going to guide you through every single detail.
      It's your life , YOUR life, do what YOU think is best. If it happens, it happens. Shit happens everyday. Hell. This guy you praise so much isn't even worth the troubles ! I'm sorry but he just isn't worth your time when you can be investing it in some fat guy right now who WILL love you unconditionally. LOL

      F*ck this im outtie ~

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  • you can't.
    If a guy is lookign for a fuckbuddy he'll ditch girls who doesn't want that. So either he gets sex from you, or he leaves.
    It's as simple as that.

  • I don't think you really want to get back with this guy who after breaking up with you, uses you.

  • You can't change a guy like this. If you don't like the way he is, date someone else.


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