Girls, how do I choose who to ask on a date?

I have three friends for privacy i will use only a single letter for their name. There is A, S and D they all mean a lot to me like A and D have both been my friends for about five years now. D is is very smart, funny among other other great qualities the only thing is that if we do go our and break up i would feel devastated. A is a lot like D but I feel like if we stopped being friends i wouldn't be as hurt as if i lost D. And finally S she is very smart, funny, a hard worker, beautiful etc. But I've only known her for like two years through work so it wouldn't be as awkward if we broke up i just not sure what to do
  • ask A on a date
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  • ask S on a date
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  • ask D on a date
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  • I say D. If you're so freighted of losing her then that means you care for her a lot. Life and love is about taking risks, you will never know if you just kick dirt, if you know what I mean.


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  • D because if you don't you will only live to regret it. Just have some courage in yourself that you are enough for her too.

  • Leave them all alone and turn to the dark site 😎


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