Should I give up on looking for a girlfriend and stay single forever?

I have no luck with girls. Like they don't seem to like me (I know my looks don't help, but my personality is good). I just want to say " fuck it" and stop so i can stop lying to myself that i will get one someday.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You shouldn't give up, you're just 22. Also, dont make it more tragical than what it is, we are just talking about girls here, trust me thats not the most important thing in the world.
    you need to be more confident about yourself.

    • I try to, but seeing a lot of other guys with girls makes me feel shitty. Like i'm not worthy enough to attract one.

    • Of course you are! Everyone is worthy! Dont think about what others have, you'll find a girl that loves you the way you are, so dont worry :)
      Besides, being single is great! Haha you have to enjoy every stage of your life, go out and explore what the world has to offer ;) you only live once my friend, so stop worrying✌️

Most Helpful Guy

  • That's what i did. with that ugly face of mine..
    man.. when i was younger i always said stuff like "i can't wait to get a girlfriend" but right now, after being laughed at by so many.. I'd rather stay forever alone.

    but the sunny side about that is: if you have no one to care about, you can't lose them either.


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  • I know your feel lol but we are young and free! We can't stress about having a partner, we are still working on ourselves (at least I am I don't know about you lol).


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  • You'll be surprised. A lot of the time, you find someone faster when you aren't looking. ;p

    Reason is because you are actually being yourself when you interact and talk to people and someone might grow on your personality.

  • I'm in the same position buddy, but the only thing to do is to keep putting yourself out there. I've been on dating sites for three years, sent random messages to girls on FB I know mutually, asked my friends if they have any single friends...

    Never say never!
    Good luck bru


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