Went on a first date and now things seem different?

I went on a first date with a guy after chatting for about a week via text and over the phone (calls). He went on a vacation the weekend before and we texted all the time while he was there. When he got home from the date he immediately texted me that he had a good time, and I told
him I had a blast. We chatted for the rest of the night (he only takes about 3-5 mins to respond). Throughout the conversation I asked if we would like to get together again sometime that week and he relied something like "possibly, I have to check what I have going on this week" and then be immediately followed it with "I'm exhausted I think I am going to go to sleep" we said good night but I don't know. If a guy was interested would be not say that he wanted to hang out immediately? Did I come on too strong?
Also, when the date getting to be "over" instead of going right to his car he stayed for a little longer and we walked around. He walked me to my car and I have him a ride to his.


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  • "I asked if we would like to get together again sometime that week..."

    hopefully he asked you out for the first date... regardless, it's bad practice to take the lead early on (inquiring bout dates, etc). the aggressiveness can deter guys, robbing them of the chase, challenge, wonderment, creativity etc...

    • Yea, he asked me out first. I was just trying to show him that I wanted to see him again without playing stupid "I'm gonna make you guess" girl games. I guess guys say they don't like games, but if what you say is true then that's exactly what it is lol.

    • if he wanted to ask you out on another date, he would have (usually during the first). perhaps he didn't ask because he knew you'd ask for him. let the guy pursue you, take that away, and you don't have much to gauge when determining if he's interested.

      to put it in perspective, are you opening his doors? putting your arm around him? chewing with your mouth open? etc =P. be a lady, and you'll attract men.

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  • maybe he genuinely has to get his head back in to every day life and didn't want to mess you around with times and days? see what he says tomorrow x


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  • no you didn't come on too strong.. maybe he was generally tiered at least he responded to your texts


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