Would an unattractive person get many views on their profile in online dating?

You can either just see the person's profile and not to click on it and eventually hit "like"


you can click on it and check it out - you have officially viewd it then


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What Girls Said 1

  • Zero. I wouldn't

    • so you'd never check out an unattractive person's profile , not even to see how unattractive the person is?

    • I already told you the answer. I don't check for ugliness.

What Guys Said 1

  • Studies have shown that people who don't post a face picture don't get noticed compared to people who do. Moreover, the most attractive people get 100x or even 1000x more replies.

    • so you'd say a "view" already kind of counts?

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    • Did you post a pic? If so, you aren't as unattractive as you believe and were just looking from reassurance from online strangers. Lol

    • yes, I posted just 2 pics of my face. I was just not certain, so I asked

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