My boyfriend contantly changes our plans with LAST MINUTE to go out with friends and comes in 2+ hours late. How do I tell him to stop?


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  • (If you say eg: meet at 7pm) It's 7pm or nothing, if he shows up late you cancel plans and not see him. Honestly though, if he is cancelling plans to see friends, it's clear who he prioritising.

    • Thank you, I'm so glad im not the only one who sees this! Not just that but he changes plans last minute
      and its so annoying! For example yesterday, he said he would get home and make my tea before I got in, then 15 minutes before I was due too leave he texts to say he's at his friends, so I asked when hed be home he replied soon. I was so hungry but agreed to wait for him to get in before I made tea, anyway 2 hours later he texts to say he's on his way home and hed already eaten, I was furious as I was so so hungry. He promised he wouldn't do it again but he's already cancelled plans again today. FAB

    • You know what you should ignore him for a couple of days. It sounds like he takes you for granted as he knows you will always be there when he decides to eventually rock up. Dont be afraid to give him tough love and put your foot down. If you easily forgive him he will always do the same.

    • Id feel so terrible doing that, I make him sound the worst guy in the world but he's not its just this one subject. If he does it again, then its time I put my foot down and told him whats what and I won't be so forgiving. Thanks

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  • YOU will be there when he gets back
    THEY will begin to exclude him the more he doesn't drop & run at their call
    He has a foot in each boat, not wanting to give up either but also can't allow you into their world... you would find it objectionable... and they would treat you like fresh meat.

    Eventually, he will choose you
    but this problem needs you to tug on his lease firmly, gently from time-time, in order to help him extract this addiction, begin their process of exclusion (of him). Ergo, you can't allow him safe harbor after pulling such stunts - you have other things to do that night & he will have to be lonely w/no comms until next day.

    • Thank you I appreciate that! Its just very frustrating when it happens, but I hate pulling him about it because I feel im overreacting about it all

    • I hate overreaction (e. g. Carly on Bachelor in Paradise) but in this case
      the better term is prudently
      Avoiding a Crash & Burn

    • I know exactly what your talking about haha! Great, glad im not

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