Please help. I don't know what to do?

It's a bit long so bear with me

So I started dating this guy

He is super sweet quiet and well I can't get a read on him

On our first date he bought me flowers and was a total gentleman. After we went back to his place has a nightcap talked and kissed

Our second date I wanted to do something different so I took him out and paid for everything. Again we went back to his place had a bottle of wine one thing let to another and like the adults we are we had sex. I'll admit I was scared that he wouldn't call or have anything to do with me after bit that wasn't the case we have gone out twice but both time it has been his place to watch movie and make out. Here is the pickle

I send him a request on Facebook to which he accepted.

But I notice that he has a girl that shows up in a lot of his pictures and she tags him in a lot of stuff. There is always a little boy present to.

This is the elephant in the room

Should I ask him who this girl is

I don't want to come off clingy or anything

But I don't want to be lie to or have doubts about anything

What should I do?

What is she to him?

Should I back out and ignore him?

Should I keep quiet and wait for him to tell me who she is?


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  • You have to ask him if your with him he has to understand


Most Helpful Girl

  • hmm. no i think u have a right to know. what i would suggest is to give it a little more time and c if he will tell u. if not, just bring something relating to it in casual conversation on your next date.

    such as 'do you like kids?' for example. in the most absurd way, his response could help u put a few puzzle pieces together. that's the subtle way.

    if u do wanna be direct, go for it but remember to be as calm, as casual and as polite as possible about it =] good luck x


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  • U r dating him u can ask him who is she u seem to care about him. Otherwise u will never know who she is

  • If it's really bugging you, just ask him. The girl in the picture could be a friend/relative who has a child (that's what i'm assuming on) but just ask him. I'm sure he won't mind.


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