Why she acted like this? I never understood what she wanted.

I know a girl from little kids we used to pass a lot of time together. she moved not far but we lost touch for 7-8 years.Then a year ago she come with her parents to my home(our parents are friends).I had totally forgot her but from that day we started talk on msn.I don't know how this happened but I fell in love with her.We were talking daily up to 6 hours for 7 months. After a month from the start I expressed my feelings to her.She told me that she didn't understand anything and she didn't want to happen something between us because of our parents and our friendship and that if we were older like 27 it would be different.Also mentioned several times that she could marry me cause I am the type of guy that she like .We went back to friends then I asked her out just friendly and we met the next day she told me that when she saw me she wanted to kiss me and we have a little talk and told that she wish things was different.We both became more flirty and except msn we were sending lot of messages on the mobile phones for goodnight we acted like a couple.i ask her out many times but she always said she had something to do and there were times she canceled the date a few hour before telling she wasn't sure.We had some bad moments and stop talking for about a week and both times she contacted me first saying that I so important to her and she never want to loose me and cut communication. She acted very weird but I didn't want to push her so I told her if she wasn't sure I didn't want to do something that would regret. I stop flirt with her to make it easier but when I stopped she was way to flirty .Every time I stop flirt she was starting it all over.One day I told her I like to meet her so after a little chat we end up kissing and she told me that she was so stupid and it must happen sooner. When she left she text me on mobile phone saying that she was finally relieved and that she was very happy.I thought that everything finally settled down but the next day she told that it was a mistake and she is not in love with me.I was upset but we continue talking as friends.After 2 months we went with my parents to her home we talking and looking each other in the eyes.She kept talking to me as a friend but I wanted to forget her so I block her on msn and stop communication.Now she has a boyfriend about 4 months and we have to talk about 5 months.Why she acted like this...


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  • Well she probably liked you but new she liked the other gut more and had bin talking to him as well and just didn't want to loos a good friend but is happened anyway


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