I thought he liked me? #captainconfused?

Ok so a Mate and I met 1.5 years ago when he had a gf- long term. They broke up and he was absolutely shattered. Hasn't been in a proper relationship ever since. He initiated it- and it was so good- We hooked up and went all the way 6 months ago, and act like we are together anyway. We make plans to go away together what not, he takes me out to dinner, come around to play with my siblings, but he denies to everyone that he likes me any more than a friend. One night as I got out of the car, he accidently (not sure if it was or not- but he never said it again?) said "love you" to me.. I was shocked but said it back. I'm falling hard for him. Some co workers confronted him behind my back today and said you should make it official blah blah- we aren't evened together really- I WISH!! He then sent me a message saying and I quote we are only "just friends" so stop giving people ideas about us- when everyone else are the ones asking me if we are a thing because they see the way we look at eachother- the way he playfully pushes me down the st, played footsies with me and bring me flowers when I'm sick and the continual flirting wherever we are! Work, home, car, dinner, u name it! He kissed me earlier this year and said to me he isn't looking for a relationship- which I understand bc he's going thoug a hard time ATM so we can still have our fun and I can have the title later..

I think he has feelings for me- like when we went clubbing he found his chicks- but At the end of the night, he wanted me. He didn't want anyone else. He had a girl recently (like a month recent)- and I told him how lucky she was. So he stopped going out with her.

Furk what's happening in his brain? What's he feeling? He won't even talk to me ATM thanks to the girls who interfered! It wasn't my fault! PM me for more deets. Please help this sore hearted girl! X


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  • Humans are so complicated
    So i don't know what his thoughts are.
    Anyway he seems to be into you so have fun with him and make a good relationship with him
    If he loves you he'll tell you that
    Maybe he just likes you a lot and likes to hang out with you and don't want to lose you"I'm not saying he's using you or anything"
    Just have a good time with him and don't think a lot about this gf/bf thing
    Don't even think about what feelings you both have for each other
    Unbalanced emotions between the two sides will ruin ANYthing..

    • I know but we are now both thinking about emotions and he's the one that started the emotions thing when he first kissed me. His words were "I could tell we had some chemistry between us. I really really like you". Then he kissed me. Then the casual thing started, we shagged, wingmanned him, (he doesn't like me being wit other guys) and the he's passionate again- and my coworker friends butt in. Wtf is happening. U have good advice by the way thanks :)

    • Keep it simple
      Keep it fun
      With time you'll know what feelings he has for you

    • Ok then how do I get him to talk to me again? That requires emotions and probably how I feel about him.. Fml

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