I feel in love but they tell me I am cold heated person. Any advice?

Friends tell me I am too cold. I can't change so fast. I don't have any friends. I am aloner. I traver around countries as my hobby. During traveling I meet many people and have a nivce talk. In my city it's different. I have been bullied for 9 years. In high school they rell everyone I am weird and can't be good friend and I am bullied. Long ago one boy catched my eyes on one school sports program (I do lots of sports.). We looked at each other. He holds entering doors at school for me and does not say ugly words to me. I never said thanks for holding door or other things. I am calm in our school area. I have lots of guy friends who says I am funny, nice and also beautiful. Many of them wanted to date me, but sadly, I didn't have feelings for them. How I can change myself?


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  • Well, it sounds like you have guys that are interested, you must be attractive and probably have a good personality. In order to open up like you are trying to, you need to leave the past in the past! The majority of your post was about bad things that happened in the past, not focusing on your current situation. You've got to start fresh! You are older, smarter, and probably past the awkward stage that you were in. Just be yourself, go out of your way to be nice, you will do just fine.


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  • you can't change yourslef.


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