For the guys/girls with experience with online dating?

hey everyone I really need some help with this online dating thing.; so I gave this guy my number because we have been taking online and we live kinda close to each other. so what I'm wondering is when he texts me what should I say? what should we talk about? when we're ready to meet should I meet him somewhere or have him pick me up?

thanks people :)


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  • No real experience in actual dating, but have met many people over the internet, and know how to stay safe so I think I'll chime in. Well, if you like each other you tend to want to know about the other, so ask about him, what does he like, do you share similar interests, is he what you want and need in a relationship?

    And Never have them pick you up, you don't know anyone well enough over the internet to be picked up by a stranger and brought god knows where. Meet at a cafe, or some place public so there is no chance of something going amiss. Also drive in your own car, and don't go back to their house, until your comfortable and confident that are who they say they are. The internet has some perverted people on it, and they only want to hurt. Don't be one of them by falling for the love scam that many employ. Be safe, and use common sense and good judgment. Meet in a public place where nothing can happen.


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