Girls, Who are age 16-24, is a shaved bald head really as unattractive/a turn off as this short video makes it out to be? Or is it pretty accurate?

Hair vs bald picking up girls

ow I shave my head bald due to a condition and yeah I'm self conscious of it and I've heard girls rip on it before, but I'm not like some guys who lose hair and say 'well now I'll never get a good looking girl etc I better settle' no I still hold my standards in goals in life. However this video is done by a guy representing hair transplants so I feel like we may not have seen the whole story, I have a hard time believing he never got turned down with hair for example, anyway in the end he only gets one number without hair supposedly, and 6 with hair, girls it makes me curious is a shaved bald head really going to put me or any guy really undateable to that much of the majority? basically I want to know if you think bald is as much a turnoff as this video says or not, and please be honest.
  • I'd say that video is full of crap, baldness isn't that bad it's not an issue for me
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  • I'd say the video is pretty accurate, most girls I know don't like bald and couldn't date them
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This video turned out to be for a hairloss form, it's garbage


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  • That video is horrible, they knew what result they wanted before they even made it.

    • Are you saying it's probably correct or that they only showed the parts they wanted?

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    • So a guy with no hair could get you to be attracted then? Provided it all worked out I mean?

      I appreciate this by the way

    • Yes, of course.

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  • Sorry, not 24, but I just wanted to say: this is total bull...
    The shaved guy is 100 times more attractive purely physically. The other guy is balding and isn't coming to terms with it - that's sad.

    • So you agree there's a lot to this they aren't telling or showing? I don't believe it's completely false but like I said, I never see guys with perfect hair succeed like that in public. I think there's probably plenty of rejections with hair as well or they could be lying about the numbers.

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    • Well I hope I find a girl who don't mind no hair who is cute. And hey don't mind you're over the age I asked for, I mostly did that so girls over 30 wouldn't post, out of curiosity did you vote on the poll in that case?

    • Yes I did. A.

  • I'm there are plenty of girls who like bald guys or won't mind dating one.

  • It's not an issue for me at all!


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