Is this healthy? what do I do?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. We have been friends for six. We don't kiss or have sex because of personal beliefs. Well lately I have noticed how clingy my boyfriend is. It is driving me nuts! I feel like I need space and we are around each other too much and he feels like we don't see each other enough. It is making me snappy and not wanting to be around him. When he comes over he is only around me and hardly functions if I am not there with him. He hardly talks to my parents or siblings unless I am talking with them. I am forcing him to do a group with guys so he can make friends. He is dragging his feet the whole way. I signed up for two. He wants to spend whole days together but right now I want to spend just a few hours. Is is bad that I am excited for school to start because I get a break? Oh wait I don't get a break. He signed up for the same classes as me. Which is kind of nice when I need help but it is more time where I don't get a break. He wants me to stop by his house every time before work, have lunch with him every time and stop by his house on the way home. I don't want to hurt his feelings but I feel so suffocated. What do I do?


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  • Just tell him the things you can't do sometimes. Learn to say no.


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  • ... I don't want to hurt his feelings but I feel so suffocated..
    There comes a time in a relationship, especially a long term one, when One or even both Feel like they can't breathe and find it a Turn off, like this clingy vine which isn't so divine.
    You Need to end the madness before it gets to the Point of Sadness where you want to take a Break from him because instead of 'Snappy,' you will tell him you are Unhappy and it is going to be our Demise for this relationship.
    Lay some ground rules down and be your own straw boss with him. He may be feeling insecure with the way you say something or may make him Feel and is holding on to dear life here, dear, Not wanting you to take a single breath by yourself nor let you out of his sight, day or night.
    Compromise as to the time you are two birds of a feather in a nest. I see Too much can be 'Too much' and with taking some space without looking at one another's Face all of the time, this relationship has a better chance with romance of not going south.
    If he refuses to be a sweet tweet about That, then you may have to go One step further and tell him he has to either comply and try or an Eminent Break will come sooner Than... Before school starts.
    Holding a cunning carrot over the horse's nose sometimes helps sos they knows you Mean.. Risky business.
    Good luck. xx

    • Wow... that was poetically beutiful. You are right. And right now the past week I have been thinking of twlling him we need a break. He is just controlling with his emotions. Because if he does not get his way he gets gloomy and hardly talks. I don't like it.

    • Thank you, sweetie, and I can tell you from Past Experiences and even just yesterday, with a husband still out in Egypt, he is controlling and clingy and even moody on his own wend, and taking a break does help on both accord with both parties, no matter, like me for the millionth time, how many times you have to prioe a point. lol:)) xxoo

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  • Sounds unhealthy.

    • That's what I was thinking. But I don't know how to get it to stop without hurting him or breaking our relationship.

    • I'd switch classes and tell him not to ride your coattails.

    • The thing is these classes I am required to have and are the last ones I need fir my degree. And I would really rather not leave him.

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  • That's definitely not healthy.

  • That's not healthy! You need to talk to him about that!


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