Why is it that everytime I find a guy I really like or am sorta interested in it never gets past the1st or 2nd date and he apparently looses interest?

Lots of people tell me I'm pretty and kind but I can't keep the interest of guys who I like or sorta like? They always seem to stop texting or text less and don't ask me on a second or 3rd date. What's up?


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  • The same seems to happen to me. But then again I am a rather shy guy and my anxiety prevents me from being that type of guy who asks out girls easy and blah. Me and you should get together 😊


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  • It have to be a reason this pattern keeps reoccuring. Maybe it's the type of guys you go for? Think of the last few guys u dated. What do they have in common? What are their behavior like a few days/weeks before u notice they start being distant? What are they saying? OR maybe u keep making the same mistake (s)? OR maybe its not you or the guys fault. Maybe it's like not a good match and someday you will meet the right guy.

    It could very much be that u just haven't met the right guy.


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  • you just haven't found the right one yet.


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