Why can't I find a guy that likes me?

I always see on here or my friends talking about how this guy has a crush on here or this guy has a huge crush on this girl, but why can I NEVER seem to find a guy who is actually really crushing on me? :'( I'm not ugly... am I the only one here?


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  • Okay, I am as well. I can't find a girl. It is nothing extra-ordinary.

    • Awww :( isn't it terrible and depressing? People tell me I'm pretty and nice all the time but why are there NO guys asking me out or anything?

    • Depressing, well not really. I believe in next life so I am cool if I don't get people after me.
      Anyhow, sometimes people are too shy too approach because of too high attraction.
      It happened to me I can't speak to the girl I like in class. So, sometime you have to go talk to them yourself. I let mine taken but I don't care if she wants she can still come back. It is not like I was in a relation anyway.

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  • You know when you look really hard for something and you can't find it? And then one day it's right there under your nose, when you least expect it. I think it's the same way with relationships, you find someone when you least expect it.

    I had been dating a guy that treated me badly, I just wanted closure and to stand up for myself so we decided to talk. I didn't want to just wait for that to happen so the night before the talk my friends convinced me I should join them at a bar. And so I did, and that's where I met my fiancé.

    I literally never noticed when guys checked me out or when they flirted with me, after I moved to another city several guys contacted me from my hometown, saying they had been crushing on me for years but didn't dare to say anything. So don't beat yourself up, someone might very well be drooling from afar ;)

    • Wow, incredible story! I'm really happy for you, this gives me lots of hope ^_^

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  • I'm with you on this sad sad train to "forever-alone-ville" I don't know what's going on. Guys aren't interested in seemingly awesome girls (I'm counting you as one). Forget them. They don't know what they're missing.
    And I know it's frustrating getting all these generic comments all the time. But honestly, it takes too much precious energy pondering why they aren't interested in beautiful intelligent women. Take that energy and celebrate yourself.

    • Thank you, this comment actually made me feel a lot better! I'm sorry this is happening to you too :( but at least we know then its not us cuz there are other girls like us, it must be the guys! lol

    • I'm glad :) yeah it's not a great feeling but I'm confident in who I am and what I have to offer. If someone else can't see that then that's not my problem it's theirs. Just keep reminding yourself day after day that you're amazing. Then you won't have to settle because you shouldn't have to. And when someone who is worthy of you comes along you can be ready for them because insecurity is not attractive.

  • Nah girl, I'm not "ugly" (to most people I am) but Im always walking in the town where I live, I have guy friends, but I can't find I guy that would even crush on me even if I've tried. Someday tho girl, someone will pop up and love you

  • I feel the same!


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