If a guy kinda blows you off because he was tired but, tentatively scheduled another date... should you go?

So this guy I was supposed to go out with got super busy at work. we were supposed to meet at 7, that changed to 9 and when I showed up he was still working. I hung around until he was done and we went for a quick dinner... I asked him to come back to my place, he declined because he had to work in the morning and it was late (12am). We talked about meeting up the following Saturday to actually go out. We made out for a little and then he said "Its cool I'll see you next Saturday". I was unsure if that was an actual reschedule or if he just isn't interested... I have not heard from him. Should I text him and ask if Saturday is still a thing?


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  • I wouldn't have waited around if he was going to be more than 15 late. It is rude to leave someone waiting in a public place it shows he doesn't respect your time.

    • it wasn't a public place... I actually hung out with him at his place of employment...

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    • I don't know that just doesn't sound good. Waiting 2 hours and you'll see him next weekend not this one? He may have other girls going on dates which in fine with in the beginning. But if he can't make time to see me whatever the reason he either doesn't have time to be dating and that isn't likely to change soon or he isn't that interested. Either way will end in frustration for you.

    • thank you for your advice... he definitely doesn't have other girls right now... he's actually only in town for business, we try to get together when he's around... this time definitely felt forced though... I guess we shall see if Saturday happens (the 12th)

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