How do I talk to a girl in high school when she's always with her friends?

So I like this girl, I never talked with her in person but we chatted on fb about a month ago. We're in the same class for about 2 hours and I caught her staring at me frequently. (I don't know if she knows me) I really want to go talk to her but the problem is that she is always with her friend in class. I rarely see her outside of class and if I do see her she's with a group of friends. Im a little shy, so how would I talk to her? Also it would help a lot if you could give me some advice of what to say to her. Thanks!


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  • Hey, hope that it goes well for you. Maybe try to find a topic that you are both interested in using that as an excuse to talk to her. Maybe take a supportive friend with you to talk to her to a) distract her friends b) if the need arises be able to save you from an awkward confrontation c) offer moral support. Maybe you can offer to be her partner in class or be in her class group or help her on any problems that she may find difficult if the need arises or ask her for help if the need arises, Also notice her hair and little things and compliment her indirectly talking to a friend when she can hear but make sure that she can hear the full conversation and that they are only good things or directly compliment her. Maybe reference your fb conversation indirectly or something like "hey remember our fb conversation about... as I was just having a similar conversation" (This may give the impression that you notice her etc). Hope this all makes some sense and everything goes well.

    • Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. I have a lot of friends in that class and I'm more in the "cool" group in the class. If they see me randomly talking to her or picking her to be my partner, they would know something's up. So I'm probably not going to take a supportive friend along because it would be awkward. I'm going to try talking to her after class but I'm not sure what I should say to break the ice. What would be a good opener? I was thinking along the lines of: "Hey are you the girl I met on fb? My name is..."

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    • Thanks im going to try and talk to her tomorrow :)

    • Hope all went well :-)

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  • Talk to the group not just her.

    • I don't know them, and what am I suppose to say and not sound creepy? easy for you to say.

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  • be brave and go up to her


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