Guys, your thoughts on this message from the girl you've been dating:?

I enjoy spending time with you but I have standards for what I want in any relationship.
Listen, although I feel safe around you, for sex only I don't need to date you exclusively. I would like to have a companion. Someone I can share experiences with. Someone I can laugh with.
I was barely able to resist you in the beginning, because you surprised me. I had never seen anything going on between you and me and suddenly something unexpected happened, which turned me on.
I respect your personal space and don't expect you to contact me regularly, although I love to hear from you.
Additionally, if you think this is not going anywhere anyway, I have trust in you telling me so. If in your opinion this has been a mistake and you would like to take a step back, that's okay for me, too.
I think we're both very aware of the fact that we could easily date someone else.

Please take your time and carefully think about what you really want with me.
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  • I would feel that the intention of the sender was to terminate the relationship. If I wanted likewise it would be a convenience. If I didn't want likewise it would upset me greatly.

    • Thank you for your opinion, I appreciate it! The thing is that this guy wanted to date me exclusively but he doesn't treat me like his girlfriend at all. Whenever we meet he tries to have sex with me. He has never called me pretty before or said that he'd like me. He barely texts, never calls. I like him but I don't feel like this is going anywhere. So I thought of getting things clarified eventually.

    • Well then tell him what you've just told me. Tell him that if he really wants you then he must do those things

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  • It's a pretty drastic message like some heavy stuff is going on here. Having said that I feel that it would open up a serious conversation that would likely end in us staying together. Perhaps this is something which you should say face to face though because like I said there's some pretty heavy stuff going on here and text messages are more relaxed and it's rather severe. However, the boy you send this to will definitely acknowledge this maybe he will say we need to talk but like I said you will definitely have a talk after this is sent or after you say it to him... Good luck hope whatever you choose works out for the best :D


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