Should I text him first or wait?

I've been seeing this guy for 4 weeks now, get on really well and we have great times together! But he isn't great when it comes to texting, he does text me good morning or whenever we're planning to meet up! Maybe I'm just over worrying but it feels like he's not that into me! I've not heard from him since Sunday night! Do you think I should text him first or wait until he does?


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  • I think you could since it's only been a day, some guys just don't bother right away, you said you had good times so it should be fine


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  • Don't be afraid to initiate a conversation in my opinion even if it is about something little (e. g. Hey, I enjoyed seeing you ____, maybe do it again sometime?) or something where it asks for a response, or a compliment as I believe that it shows the guy that you are thinking of him. I also believe that subtle hints about another date etc and compliments or something that shows him that you went out of the way just to type a text (even if it's a little one) shows that you like him (friend/boyfriend) and are interested in him but the wording etc shows in what way you want to be involved with him (relationship or just friends). Texting him first also may result in a reply that may give hints into what he wants from the relationship or maybe he is just nervous and this creates a way which he can text you? Hope this helps and makes sense. I also hope that everything goes to plan fro you!

    • Ok thank you for this! I will message him today and see what he says! Do you think if he hasn't messaged me in a few days... does that mean he's lost interest in me?

    • You are very welcome and I hope all the best for you! Not necessary that he has lost interest he might have thought to reply later and forgot but I think the best way is just to ask as there is no 100% guaranteed way of knowing without asking.

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  • You should text him first.


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