Since I am not allowed to fight against racism then what am I supposed to do?

Since my questions and my takes keep getting deleted for speaking against whites. I know these websites are controlled by whites and whites don't allow any criticism against them yet they (white people) are allowed to insult and say bad things about other races without facing any consequences.
I bet every offencive question or my take by white people never get deleted or reported.


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  • All antagonistic posts should and will be removed. If you can make your post without antagonizing people, then it will stay up and discussion can happen.

    • Yep white people are allowed to hate my people but I am not allowed to fight back smh. So be it but mark my words no moderator, no fascist and no one will stop me from fighting back to continue to complain that we are "stealing" your jobs and we are all "bad" and we all have the same "misogynistic" mentality.

    • Fighting doesn't solve anything. Rational discussion can. If you can do that, then you can combat racism. Not by being antagonistic.

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  • Not true, but I understand you. I do feel people on here are more protective of whites than any other race.

    This is biological. They feel they can identify with their own race better and thus they defend it like a pack.

    At the same time I've seen plenty of racist stuff against other races that weren't white that have been deleted. It's probably a matter of how much hell you raise and how excessive and antagonistic it is.


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  • GO VOTE!!!

  • take to the steets and yell about it

  • Making racist comments against white people is NOT "fighting racism". LOL


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  • because freedom of speech doesn't mean you're free to be a fucking asshole!
    something tells me you're just mad they take down your hate posts, and that you're just sensitive to incinvenent truths about your own race.

    You're probably a black person living in USA, possibly located in the eastern cities.

    Have a good day

    • Wrong. I am INDIAN by race or that race which you people associate with 7-11 and telemarketers. You call Indians rapists so I call you mass murderers.

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    • Thanks for proving my point that whites are fascist and control the internet to suit their agenda.

    • okay, i give up.
      Keep getting blocked if you want, but i don't give a fuck.

  • Making racist comments against white people is NOT "fighting racism".

    Maybe if your posts weren't hypocritical, they wouldn't be reported.

    • Things white people should stop doing:

      -Stop saying racist 7-11 jokes
      - Stop generalizing all Indians
      - Stop calling us scammers
      - Stop saying we are all bad

    • Yes, they should stop doing that. Everyone should stop making racist jokes. But you can't force them to stop, and stooping to their level won't help either.

    • Before you assume, no I am not white.

  • Doesn't matter if your white, black, or a f*cking alien, if someone posts something racist it will get removed.

  • It's possible this website is the worst for biased censorship. Try reddit instead, they do moderate it but they're more objective in the way they do it.

  • um, honestly as a white person, I think you are wrong. Not that race has anything to do about it. However, I just don't see anyone bad mouthing other races here. If you do, then yes you should be reported.

    • So you're just going to ignore all the 7-11 jokes and people say all Indians are scammers and annoying telemarketers and saying Indian men treat women like dirt and we are cheap and dress and speak funny.

      Ok you should be reported!

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    • White people started it.

    • started what?

  • It's about time whites get protected against this political correct anti-white movement in society today.

  • How about pointing out something specific that a particular individual said or did instead of a blanket accusation directed towards an entire demographic? That's why your ignorant and inflammatory posts keep getting removed.


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