Will he start hating me if I dont speak to him in person?

So this guy and me both like each other. One problem.. I AM TOO NERVOUS TO TALK TO HIM IN PERSON. I was bored last week at 12am and I saw he was on Facebook. We have never talked before even though we have gone to school together for 7 years. (He is a sophomore & I am a freshman). He replied back to my message on Facebook and he started saying I am super pretty and that he has always noticed me, but we still didn't talk until just that night. We exchanged Snapchats and ever since then, we haven't stopped talking. We talked in person at a football game for a bit and a little bit at school today, but not much. I feel bad because I am so scared to talk to him. I am worried I am gonna mess up or something. So can I have tips on that please? ALSO, another question about this/him. I have talked to a lot of people in his grade and a lot of them hate him because apparently he is a dick. He has explained to me why he is a dick to people and it is becasue he has trust issues and he doesn't forgive people that easy depending on what they did. He is SO nice and sweet to me though? The last relationship he was in lasted 7 months which seems pretty long to me, and that ended approximately 2 months ago, but people say he is a player? He said that he dated a lot in sixth grade but that is obviously not legit, so I am not sure why people have their pants in a bunch about that. But it makes me a little bit nervous since everyone says that. I don't know my place on that situation because I haven't even socialized with him for more than a week. But I DO KNOW that I like him. and he likes me. we have a lot in common, he is funny, adorable, he is super sweet to me, etc. But what should I do about the "player" label? And the "dick" label? I am willing to overcome the labels but is everyone else? Will people judge me for being in a relationship with him?


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  • About the labels... don't judge him by what others say, find out for yourself and if he does turn out to be a player, don't kid yourself in to thinking you're the one that can change him. For now, you like him, he likes you so just see where it goes, no one is doing anything wrong.

    As for the shyness, sure you are shy but from the sounds of it, he is not. So yeah it might be a bit awkward the first few conversations but once you get past that and feel more comfortable you'll start to relax more, trust me.

    Just enjoy it and if something blossomed out of you and him, great but try not to fall head over heels for him JUST IN CASE the rumours are true, you don't wanna hand yourself out to him, get to know him and in turn let him get to know you. Good luck!

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    • Honestly I used to be so shy as a teenager, I used to feel anxious about having to answer my name in registration so I get how awkward it feels but once you really bond with someone you just become yourself around them after a while so don't sweat it

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  • If he likes you and you like him, it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks. K

  • sounds like he's just trying to play you!


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