This guy and I've been talking for some time we have been talking for a month and we seem to like each other a lot we have so much in common and he tells me that he really likes me and appreciate me our relationship is very open and we have a very open book relationship, this means that we are very honest and transparent with eachother. When we talk on the phone about whatever we talk about sometimes things come up, like how we like eachother etc.. so he'll say something about us dating then correct himself and say oh not dating but we are talking. Then also he refers to me as his girlfriend in 3rd person for example, he was talking about how one time we were getting in his car after leaving walmart to buy chips for a mutual friends UNO card game party and he said this older man was watching us and then after he had opened the door for me and closed the door for me once I got in, the old guy had drove off. So he said the older man was probably thinking "oh that young man knows how to treat his girlfriend like a gentleman should" etc... any ways he also said that if he told his friends how long we've been talking they would have been like "why haven't you asked her out yet?" But he said he'll ask me to be his girlfriend when I'm ready, does that mean he's ready? How will I know if he's worth it how so I know If I'm ready? Help what are the signs etc.. I kinda want him to just be spontaneous I don't want to have to tell him when I want to be official


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  • If you are asking the above, you probably aren't ready.


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