Girl friend zoned me after first date?

I don't know if I messed something up or what, but at the end of the date I said I'd like to see her again and she said the same, then we kept texting for a day or two and she randomly texts me and explains to me she can't get over her ex and just wants to be friends. That's fine by me, it takes more than one date for me to decide what I think about a girl anyways, we've still been texting since. My question is do you think we can really be friends and hang out? I wouldn't mind a female friend to hang out with here and there.
How do you be friends with a girl anyways? I'm just going to act similar to her being a guy friend and contact her a day or so beforehand to see if she wants to hang out.


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  • It's up to you. If you're okay with being just friends with her, go for it, but if you still have feelings for her and hope to be something more, don't waste your time.

    • Maybe I'm different, but honestly it takes more than one meeting for me to decide how I feel about someone. I'm not really all that attached to her, but do think this would be a good opportunity to make a female friend. It's just the thing is most women use the let's just be friends as a nice way of letting a guy down and has no intention of even being friends with him. Maybe she will be different I don't know.

  • Sure, but all bets are off, if she'll show interest again. Not trying to mean, just the truth. Maybe you're not her cup of tea, either.

    • Why would all bets be off?

    • Attraction is kinda funny. No one really knows how to explain it. You might get another chance, you might not. Who knows?

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