Guys, have you ever dumped a girl for someone else?

If so, why?

Did you date someone to get over a girl, but then the girl took you back and you dumped the girl you were seeeing? Did you have strong feelings for another girl, so you dumped the current one you were dating?

Any info would be great.


Most Helpful Guy

  • There is always a selection process when you date people. And sometimes you end up being interested in more than one girl. I think the fact that someone would dump you before going back or starting dating someone else in a sense is actually the mature way of doing it. Would you rather have someone play around while still being with you? I think not.


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  • I've dumped a couple of my girlfriends for another girl. I just started getting feelings for another girl, so I decided to break up, cause I'm not going to cheat, and then dated the other girl.


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