How do I go about asking out a shy girl friend?

I've finally decided to ask out my shy female friend, but I don't know what to do or how to do it. I can't drive anywhere and, because of the kinds of schedules we have, I see her for maybe a few hours out of the week at best. Also, my parents have always told me that they refuse to be my chauffeur; so, they are out of the question. The best I can do for the time being is hangout with her during the school day between breaks. Do I just tell her I have a crush on her (also, I'm almost definite she has a crush on me as well) and see where that goes? What do you suggest?


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  • I suggest extravagantly asking her to homecoming or prom (whatever school dance.) Girls can't say no to extravagance. Or another option is to talk to her friends and get more information about her. Get to know her better and flirt subtetly. Then, she won't be too surprised when you ask her. Just be blunt and ask her. Tell her what you like about her, but don't be too blunt. (Ex. I like ur butt) Do It when you have free time like before or after school.


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