Are women more visual now than they once were?

I'm beginning to think this. Either that or most of the stuff I read on the internet about how women are more into a guys personality, than his looks was bs. I think women go for looks first just like guys do. What do you think?


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  • I think there has to be physical attration but I have been attracted to a couple of people strictly from their personality


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  • Humans exhibit both short term and long term mating strategies. This is the source of your confusion.

    Short term:
    - biggest concern is access
    - willing to accomodate reduced attractiveness "beauty is only a light switch away"

    Long term:
    - greater concern for physical attractiveness
    - greater concern for loyalty
    These compensate a man for giving up variety

    Short term
    - only seeking the best physical specimen for access to quality genes - attractiveness is the ONLY consideration

    Long term
    - attractiveness does play a role in establishing initial interest
    - personality, integrity, intelligence, humor and resourcefulness also play a great role

    Basically, from the perspective of a woman. The question is this:

    "Is she looking for sperm or for a husband?"

    If the former, then attractiveness is the only game. If the latter, then a balanced approach which includeds physical attractiveness only as one quality among many applies.

    • "beauty is only a light switch away"
      Ha! Ha! Ha!

      I'll have to remember that one.

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  • It's almost like we have eyes that we use to see.

    Yeah man, everyone is visual.
    Looks are just as important as personality.

  • Obviously looks are an important first impression.


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  • Unlike guys, girls actually have higher standards for looks when looking for casual sex. However when looking for a relationship girls are less picky about looks and more forgiving if he's got a great personality.

    Now that girls are "sexually liberated" and "exploring their sexuality" they are having more casual sex. So now that casual sex is more common than rationships, looks matter more while personality matters less.

  • In this time period? I think possibly. I look at actors from the 30s and 40s and they were much less "pretty" than today.

    I think it has something to do with women having more of a choice in their romantic destinies.

  • They probably are, just not nearly as visual as guys.

  • Yes they go for looks


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