My BFs mom is having him"housesit" while she's out of town. He tells me we can't have sex because his mom said not to ! Am I crazy to be irritated?

Like... WTF. WHY not? She's a hole nother state away. He's afraid she'll find out just by his face if she were to confront him about it. I'm irritated AF by this lol


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  • Just have sex anyway I say. If you really get him in the mood, I bet he'll want to and have to.

    If he's really that worried about anyone finding out, do it in the shower or in the hot tub if you have one and all the remnants willbbe washed away.

    Of just do it on his mother's bed just to defy her hahaha!

    • Ctfu. Well his little sister is here now butt she's staying upstairs and were staying downstairs.. I figured sex is defiantly out the picture now.. Or is it? Should I try anyways?

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    • You'll figure it out I'm sure

    • Thanks for the motivation lol

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  • Haha I can see how he wants to respect his mothers wishes however if she's not home, and it's not in her bed then why not. x


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  • Maybe she just doesn't want you two to have sex in her house, that is kind of gross, I wouldn't want people fucking in my house either.

    • Who cares we had sex in my grandma's house when she wasn't there and he stayed in my room.

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    • lol i'm honestly surprised that your boyfriend is not doing it just because his mom told him to and not just because he thinks it's weird doing it in her house.

    • Well another reason is BC his sister is upstairs.

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