I have a date on saturday! Help?

I have a date with this guy on Saturday. We arr hanging out, I don't know what to wear, I don't know how tp act and I don't know if he likes me because I asked him out... Help? Just any advice or ideas or whatever.


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  • Ah, so you're making it into a date. Good for him.
    WEAR YOUR CLOTHES, BE YOURSELF. Best thing you can do. That's the girl he wants to spend time with, so be that girl.

    • Wait what how do you mean I am making it into a date? And why good for him?

    • You said "we are hanging out", which is a hang out. It's a date if there's a specific time and place... well, in my opinion. Or it's a date if you both established it as such. So did he say it's a date or what?

    • Well no there is a specific date and time we just don't know what we are doing yet

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  • Dress casual. Act how you normally would. If he accepted the date than he is interested enough to like you. Good luck.


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