always the friend, never the girlfriend?

20yo F, (fit, healthy, nice hair, regular face) never had a proper boyfriend, a couple of almost flings with some people but hardly anything.
I can be confident or shy, forward or reserved - I feel like I've tried everything. I am fairly up front with my feelings (when I like someone) but only when I get the vibe they feel similar back. But they either dont feel the same way or can't hold on to their feelings for longer than a week because it never amounts to anything.
I have some really good guy friends and they all like me as a mate, but I don't understand why NOBODY can actually look at me as girlfriend material?
super frustrating,
any ideas / suggestions / similar angry rants would be greatly appreciated


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What Guys Said 1

  • Just keeping doing exactly what you are and your time will come

    I know this sounds very cliched, but that is how life works. in respect to the more you worry about something the further away it becomes, when you live your life not worrying, and open to all eventuations , things find you


What Girls Said 1

  • 23 Yo, curvy but fit, short, super long straight hair, regular face, big eyes, fellowship student, good sense of humor, smiling disposition, open, not clingy, good cook, good dancer, know 4 languages, bla bla bla bla... Still single :D :D

    Still always a friend not a girlfriend. I want to jump in a sewage and die with suffocation :(


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